Belgian Tervuren & Sheepdogs


Some additional information about our beliefs and expectations from the new friends who will raise our puppies is included below to help you to decide whether you feel a Savanna puppy would be a good match for your family.

Future owners of Savanna puppies must share our belief that the puppy is, and will always remain a family member and reside in the house. Puppies will be temperament tested and matched with their new owners based on a number of things including which activities the new owner wishes to pursue. Litters are raised using the Puppy Culture enrichment program.

New owners of Savanna pups must commit to a minimum of basic training using breed appropriate techniques to nurture a well behaved canine family member and member of society. Preference will be given to individuals or families who will participate in organized activities with their dog and those who are committed to helping the puppy achieve it's full potential - whatever that might be.

In keeping with our goal to produce healthy puppies, we will require that every puppy bred at Savanna will have health checks done at the age appropriate time so that we can evaluate the dogs used in our breeding program. Testing will include OFA hip and elbow x-rays and thyroid tests, CERF eye exams, Patella and Cardiac screening, and other testing (general health or breed specific) as it becomes available.













We feel strongly that nurture as well as nature plays a role in the development of a healthy puppy. Socialization from an early age is a must to reinforce emotional stability and encourage an inquisitive and outgoing temperament in a variety of situations. In addition, we will expect puppy buyers to responsibly supervise the growth of their puppy through quality nutrition and age-appropriate exercise which promotes and protects orthopedic and structural development of the puppy through adulthood and into their 'golden" years.

And finally, we expect to be part of each puppy's life until they pass on to the Rainbow Bridge. While selection of homes will be undertaken very carefully, we realize that sometimes even in the perfect home, life deals a hand that was not expected and turns things upside down. With that in mind, we wish to maintain a relationship with each family that would allow us to take a puppy back - no matter what - temporarily, or permanently as the situation warrants, at any time during the puppy's life.



Our interest is in quality not quantity.

Our breeding philosophy is quite simple.

Our goal is to produce

long lived, healthy companions

with sound minds and bodies that

are willing and able to excel in any activity

in which their humans wish to participate.