Belgian Tervuren & Sheepdogs

Justin was our "import" rescue. He got his name because he was rescued "Just in Time" Justin carried alot of baggage from the abuse he endured as a pup, but if you gained his trust, he was a friend forever. He had the best belgian smile we've seen!

Bear and Kodi were Bernese Mountian dogs. The Swiss have a poem about them that says:

Three years a young dog,
Three years a good dog,
Three years an old dog...
anything more is a gift from God.
--and what a gift they were--

Baily was a Basenji
She taught us much about patience...
and humor.
Duncan - Duncan was an old soul. 
My shadow and protector.
  Windy and Whoopi - Our "Snow Angels"  So different from each other but the best of friends always!
Fallon was born into my hands
and took her last breath while I held her. 
Always our smiling sunshine girl!
NOAA was a gentle soul and a good boy.  The only thing he ever did wrong
was not live long enough...