Belgian Tervuren & Sheepdogs
Savanna Inherit The Wind RATO TKA "Mariah"


Mariah was the teal collar puppy from our Wind litter. Her litter was raised by co-breeder, Rochelle Stoltz in La Crosse, WI.

I knew she was ours when she ran to meet me and I picked her up and looked into her eyes and saw a twinkle of great-grandma Windy looking back at me! Different enough from the great bitches in her pedigree that she is without a doubt - UNIQUE!

Bold, confident, happy and bombproof. Mariah loves people and dogs. She is biddable and eager to please and is ready to try anything we ask of her. Of course no dog is without fault but Mariah is a lovely bitch and we are eager to see the girl that she will mature into!









DOB: March 30, 2016

Sire: Ch Indiana Jones C/O-BAR "Inde"
Dam: Savanna MonAmi Sweet River Rhapsody "Cadence"