Belgian Tervuren & Sheepdogs
It all started with "Windy"

Welcome to Savanna Farm!

Savanna Farm is the name we have chosen to call our home located in northeastern Illinois on prairie acreage located on the northern most fringes of suburban Chicago, halfway between O'Hare airport and Milwaukee, Wisconsin. While most associate "Savannah" with the deep south, by definition, a Savanna is a prairie grassland. This describes our property well. Tucked in a secluded area, our farm has a pond, mature oak trees and a fruit orchard, including multiple apple varieties, pears, and cherry trees. Hummingbird gardens and native prairie plantings do not take away from the open spaces for the dogs to run, and leave enough room for the sheep and other livestock, including horses, in the not to distant future.

Savanna will also be carried in the registered name of the animals we produce. Litters are produced sparingly, with emphasis placed on health, correct temperament and structure. Lifetime breeder support is provided to carefully screened homes.

Our animals are an integral part of our family and home. We aspire to produce puppies of exceptional quality and temperament that will come to be identified with the name Savanna. Each of our dogs is a valued family member. They all enjoy the run of the house, sleeping in their selected spot on, or beside the bed at night.

All of the information presented here is based on our personal experiences and represents our views only. We make every effort to describe our dogs, and the animals we have produced candidly and honestly. Health information for these animals is represented accurately, to the best of our knowledge. If there is something you wish to know about us or our animals, we encourage you to contact us directly. We are always happy to talk about the animals that share our lives!



The pineapple has served as a symbol of hospitality and warm welcome through the history of the Americas.

When colonial sea captains returned from their travels, they often displayed a pineapple at their door or upon their gates as a sign that they were home and welcoming friends to their hearth for food and drink and good company.

The pineapple has become the image of welcome, good cheer,
graciousness, warmth and conviviality.

We hope you enjoy your visit and will come back again.

Jill and R.J


Our view from the kitchen window

Look what we came across
in the neighborhood