Belgian Tervuren & Sheepdogs
Kindred's Wingman "Goose"



!We weren’t supposed to take a male.  We were supposed to share Roxanne’s girl and then when I got home and showed Ron the pictures from the “puppy party,” he had the same reaction to this face as I did.

Two puppies at the same time is a LOT of work but you know when a dog speaks to you and Goose came in loud and clear.  Of course it does not help when your husband says when he sees the photo above…”well, we’re both retired now, we can do it right!”

Goose didn’t bounce on me or lick my fingers, he sat at the periphery of the organized chaos and watched me amid the craziness of nine puppies and a bunch of people running around.

This entire litter is exceptional.  Is he the best?  I don’t know – but it doesn’t matter – he was meant to be ours.  He is a beautiful, easy going, wants to please, kind “old soul” puppy much like our last Kindred boy, Duncan, CH Kindred’s Duncan Disorderly.

We are pleased to introduce "Goose", Kindred’s Wingman. Although Top Gun is one of our favorite movies, Wingman here comes from the Billy Currington song of the same name.  This litter theme was “Nashville” so we were able to kill two birds with one stone. 

Please come back and watch Goose, and his littermate sister, Fancy, grow up!














DOB: October 12, 2019

Sire:  Ned du Chateau de Montmirail
Dam: Kindred Some Kind of Beautiful